We’d like to invite you to Hong Yu – the only Asian market in Poznań, located in the very heart of the city on the Św. Marcin Street. You’ll be able to buy a wide variety of groceries from many countries of Asia: China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and India. You’ll not only be able to prepare the famous sushi at home, but also other flagship dainties of Asia. You’ll also find many original Asian sauces, such as Bulgogi, Teriyaki and Hosin.

For noodle amateurs, aside from 30 kinds of ramen, we’ve also prepared noodles made from rice, soy, tapioca, burdock or konjac. For the spicy flavour lovers, we recommend gochujang paste, gochujang pepper or Indian chilli flakes. Over 20 types of Japanese rice Mochi cookies and unusually-flavoured teas would be the icing on the cake – also available at our store!

We’d like to invite both beginners and the oldtime cooks to take delight in the flavours of Asia along with us.